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The Workshop

The Workshop

All of our shirts are made by our dedicated in-house shirt makers.

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Frank Rostron factory staff

One of the most unique aspects of Frank Rostron Shirtmakers is its in-house workshop.

Having the workshop set above the shop allows our team to engage with our pattern cutters and seamstresses to ensure your vision of a suit or shirt is realised in just the way you imagined it.

All of our tailors are immensely dedicated and talented sartorial experts, part of a rich tradition of English shirt making and tailoring. Generations of care and expertise go into each garment we produce.

The process begins with a choice of fabric before our tailors guide you through the myriad of fit and style options for both shirts and suits with a view to achieving a perfect fit.

Once fabric, style and fit is agreed upon the fabric goes to our cutters who measure out and draw your shirt or suit pattern on the fabric ready for cutting and making.

Frank Rostron employee cutting through a large piece of material

Our Shirt Making Process

Frank Rostron employee measuring the arm length of a client

Our Suit Making Process