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Bespoke Shirts

Bespoke Shirts

Frank Rostron has a worldwide reputation for producing sublime bespoke shirts

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To ensure the finest construction of our bespoke shirts we source only the highest quality cloth from the finest mills. Alongside this our in-house team are experts in measuring and creating a flattering and unrivalled fit. There really is nothing quite like a Frank Rostron shirt.

Our Shirt Making Process

As you enter the Frank Rostron store you will be greeted by one of our in-house experts who will help you achieve your vision of a shirt.

Step One
Frank Rostron employee measuring chest of client using a tape measure

Shirt Measurements

We begin by taking all required measurements and discussing the overall fit you would like, whether it be a traditional fit or a contemporary close fit, we tailor the measurements to match your requirements.

Step Two
Book of different types of cloth presented on a table

Fabric selection

The next step is choosing a fabric from the thousands we have on our shelves. Our in-house team will explain the different fabric construction and weaves to ensure the end result is appropriate for its intended purpose; For a crisp business shirt one of our many poplins may be the best choice, whilst for a casual shirt a flannel or a soft twill may be desired.

Step Three
Frank Rostron employee and client looking at a collection of fabrics.

Style selection

Next, we walk you through the possible styles of shirt; It's during this step that you will choose the collar, cuff and front styles of the shirt along with a myriad of other choices. You may want a contrast on the inside of the collar and cuff, or cufflink holes in a contrast colour, now is the time to discuss these options.

Step Four
Frank Rostron factory staff working on sewing machines

Your shirt goes in to be made!

Now we have the measurements, fabrics and style of the shirt all that is left is to make it! Ordinarily turn-around time is between four and six weeks but we do offer an express service if you have a special event coming up a little sooner.

Step Five
Frank Rostron shirt folded up in plastic packaging and placed in a box

Final Fitting

Once your shirt is finished one of our dedicated team will give you a call to book a fitting appointment. This is when we will see how the shirt fits and make any minor adjustments necessary to achieve the perfect fit.

Collect Your Bespoke Shirt

Once any alterations required have been done you will again be contacted to let you know your bespoke shirt is finished! Your measurements will be kept on file so that reordering is straight forward